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Glitter Party Photoshoot

Who loves glitter? (I do! Except not the part where you have to take it off as it seems to literally get everywhere!) Last week I collaborated with some awesome girls for a photoshoot with BECCI Fashion! Read this post for all things glitter!

I was lucky enough to collaborate with some local creatives from Norwich, including, Hannah Doonan, who has set up her own business, Glitter Face Norwich. By the sounds of things, and seeing what she is posting on IG, it looks like her brand is really getting out there! (Which is what we like to see, and I love it when local companies get the recognition they deserve!) Check her out @glitterface_norwich ! We also got to collaborate with Helen Morgan who was the hair stylist for the shoot, (I didn't want to take my braids out as she did such a good job!) She too has her own business, which you can find @helenxan_hairandnails !

(Above: Beth Bridgwood, modelling for the Glitter collaboration.)

I got to work with Charlotte Laugher (@lotties_photography18) again as she was the photographer for the shoot and did an amazing job! We had two other models for the shoot too, who looked absolutely amazing, Karina Shilova (@karicorn7) and Beth Bridgwood (@bethbridgwoodx)! I definitely cannot thank these ladies enough as they all did such an amazing job! The shoot took place in Norwich, at the Plantation Gardens, I had never visited this place before, but it is truly beautiful; and a little hidden gem in Norwich! If you haven't been I would recommended checking it out!

I chose to style the models with some of the latest dresses that we have available on the BECCI Fashion website, which worked really well with all the glitter and gems! These dresses are party perfect, or could even be worn for a special event like a wedding!

Make sure to keep following BECCI Fashion on Instagram @BECCIFashion so you can see all the photos we will be releasing!

Shop these dresses on our website:

Karina wears the Gigi Gold Dress; click here to buy.

Becki wears the Gabrianna Black Dress; click here to buy.

Beth wears the Rosa Halterneck Dress; click here to buy.

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