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Neon Peach Films Promo Shoot Collaboration!

It's already nearly been a couple of weeks since this awesome collaboration, but now I have decided to write a little about the experience, and how I can't wait to see the final result!

On the day of the shoot, I was quite nervous, particularly as I have never been part of filming for an advertising / promotional shoot before. However on set, we were made welcome and after a few takes I definitely started to feel more comfortable. Georgie Hadingham is absolutely one to watch in modelling, her Instagram is #goals at the moment, yet not only is she talented in modelling, but also with her painting and artwork. She definitely knows how to work the camera- with her modelling coming very naturally.

Likewise, Georgi B, is very talented too, and although not quite as experienced in modelling, she still had a natural ease to getting the shots right and working the camera. Georgi's focus lays predominantly on music, as she is currently studying music at college and has released her first few songs (and soon to be music video), from her band Telling Truths.

During the promotional shoot with Neon Peach Films, we built up from quite a simple set to eventually using a smoke machine, coloured gels, and an array of different lights and mixture of backgrounds.

Hopefully like yourself I can’t wait to see the final outcome, and at BECCI Fashion we want the promotional video to express our brand as being fresh, fun and current. I would like to say a massive thank you to the wonderful models; and especially to Neon Peach Films- I am looking forward to the final result!

Take a look at Georgie Hadingham's IG modelling: @georgieve

  • And don't forget to see her amazing art work, available for commissions @georgiehadingham

And of course don't forget to follow us @BECCIFashion on Instagram & subscribe to our website, so you can be the first to know when our video arrives!

Thanks for reading! x

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