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Feature in Assure Magazine!

BECCI Fashion's metallic photoshoot was published online on Assure Magazine, go check out the article here: or continue reading!



by Assuré Magazine

Clothing by Becci Fashion

Metallics photoshoot for Becci Fashion

‘Using a combination of these pieces and my website lingerie pieces, I organised a photoshoot titled: Metallics. This shoot was really interesting, as the photographer, Amy Marsh, was really creative and I loved some of the effects she used on the shoot. For example the repeated images of the models wasn’t an effect achieved on the computer, instead by a piece of plastic with lots of different surfaces on, like the ferrero Roche plastic box lids you get, with the different shaped plastic on, almost created a kaleidoscope effect! She used that in front of the camera lens. The outcome looks pretty awesome, in some photos almost quite abstract, and I like how the model has been ‘disarrayed’ and is dis- organised.

It’s something I have never really seen before in fashion photography, maybe because the image is never ‘perfect’ and you can never achieve a similar image with this technique. Amy Marsh also used some of the fabric from the collection in the image by placing it in front of the lens, as the metallic fabric is translucent it created a really interesting vibe in the photo, almost a little bit vintage, slightly blurred/ ‘smokey’, yet subtle colours are hinted, again for me it’s something new and I wouldn’t know what quite to call it. The photos that don’t use these techniques are just as strong and the boldness of the photos for me symbolise a lot of ‘female empowerment’. The striking use of colour, and perhaps contrast from the slightly blurred / disarrayed images make these ones stand out even more.’

Photographer: Amy Marsh Models: Lauren Bones and Megan Roose Muah: Rebecca Morello Assistant: Catherine Brown

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