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My thoughts on Graduate Fashion Week...

The date every fashion student is awaiting for is fast approaching, so I've written this post to include some information about what to expect, and my involvement with this exciting event!

I am currently studying Fashion at the Norwich University of the Arts; and I have been fortunate enough to help a couple of the third year students at the NUA with their collections. The third years then had their work submitted to be part of GFW 18. The NUA also recruited for fashion students to be dressers for the show; which I have put myself forward for- and I am very excited be part of this and to be able to gain this experience! (Not sure about the 5:30am start for the coach journey to London though!)

So during the last few weeks I have been helping my assigned third year, Freya Scoggins with her collection, take a look at her work @fms_fashion .

I feel that her prevailing theme of modern renaissance and small details, such as her use of binary code and ensemble of various fabrics and techniques was such an interesting collection to see come together. I was also able to help third year student Esme Evans, who will be showing her work at GFW, her work can be seen @_esme_rose. It was really interesting to see Esme's work at the judging panel for GFW, and their reactions to her collection. Her use of printed materials that were then weaved together, made some beautiful textures. My favourite was probably the pink dress, which was weaved together and then had tiny crystals hand sewn onto them. Take a look at the photo below!

At the NUA, I took part in the mentorship programme that allowed me to work with both of these talented students and to help them with the lead up to their collections. From helping with the embroidery machine, to shopping for shoes before the judging selection, I have found it very beneficial and interesting.

This week, myself and the other fashion students dressing for the NUA collections have had our first briefing about what to expect for the show, and we were given some general tips. We were warned that it is going to be busy, which is expected, but it will hopefully be very worthwhile and fun to take part in. It's definite to say I am very excited to be part of this, and to share with you all how it goes! (An event like this also calls for a new outfit!) Keep updated by subscribing to the BECCI Fashion website!

The NUA will be exhibiting work at the GFW Show, on Tuesday 5th June at 11. For more information visit:

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