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BECCI Fashion at Birmingham Fashion Festival!

Backstage at Birmingham Fashion Festival

Last Sunday, BECCI Fashion was showcased as part of the lingerie show for Birmingham Fashion Festival! The show featured the latest pieces on our website, including the gorgeous Riara bodysuits. In this post we talk about the show and what it was like!

(Photo above, left to right, Liberty wears the black lace Riara bodysuit & Aurelia gold layer necklace with white mesh dress, Dulce wears the Ava Set with pink & blue mesh dress, Roena wears the champagne gold choker necklace & Liberty floral embroidery set. All available to buy at

The show took place at the Nakira Lounge Club in Birmingham on Sunday 21st October. Other lingerie brands featured their work in the show too. Pieces in the collection for the show from BECCI Fashion focused on lace, embroidery, and tulle. The tulle and lace pieces were made to add to the lingerie. For example, the Riara bodysuit was paired with an embellished mesh overlay dress, to give it a slightly alternative look. Floral embroidered mesh material was also made into a skirt and a short dress to compliment the lingerie pieces.

"I wanted to bring something a little different to the lingerie show, of course the show is about celebrating body confidence too, as well as showing the collection. But at the same time I wanted to create additional pieces to wear on top of the lingerie, so that the models would not feel overexposed. Walking for a crowd in the bare minimum must be very nerve racking! I felt like the additional mesh pieces really complimented the lingerie, and the use of mesh and translucent materials is something I am really focusing on for my tailoring project at university. The use of layering can create a very beautiful effect, and BECCI Fashion really wanted to encompass the beauty of femininity, by translating and expressing this into the fashion collection."

"The show gave me more experience in the fashion industry too, and I was glad that BECCI could take part, as this year Norwich Fashion Week was no longer running. It is always good to try something new, and I have met a lot of new people from this. The models did an excellent job, and it was great to meet them, the other designers, and everyone who made the show possible."

Keep an eye out on our social media pages to see more photos from the show!

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