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Turtle Bay Collaboration

So this week has been very exciting as BECCI fashion has had the chance to collaborate with fashion student Charlotte Lord, as part of her college project to film a fashion advert!

We were very fortunate enough to use Turtle Bay Norwich as a location for the shoot, which was really cool, as it has such a quirky vibe to the place! We worked for the first time with photographer and videographer Tim Clarke, who I would definitely recommend.

Charlotte wanted the advert for the project to portray a theme we really believe in at BECCI Fashion; which is female empowerment, and showing that whatever size, or body type you are is beautiful. The models for the shoot were really great and demonstrated perfectly all the different types of women beauty can encapsulate.

At BECCI fashion we want to empower you with the clothes you wear from us, so why not take a look at what we have to offer by clicking here!

We are really excited to see the outcome of the shoot, as professional photos were taken too as well as film footage! Take a look at a few of the behind the scenes photos we have included on this blog post so you can be prepared for whats to come!

Left to right: Annabella King, Becki Ball, Charlotte Lord, Helena Lewis, Sami Chowdury and Beth Bridgewood.


Check out BECCI fashion's Instagram @beccifashion


Take a look at Charlotte's Instagram @charlotte_m_lord


Keep an eye out for whats to come at Tim Clarke's Instagram @timclarkephoto


Thank you to all the models for working with us on this shoot:


Thank you to Turtle Bay for the location space!


Fancy collaborating with us? Then send us a message on Instagram or email us at

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