Fashion and the Female Form- Are women exploited or empowered by fashion?

Figure 1: BECCI Fashion Campaign Photoshoot, Photography by Michael Morgan, Assistant Emily Grace Morgan, Model Amy Rose Mae, MUA Emily Thompson. This photo was presented controversially as the model is styled braless. Is this embodying female empowerment, or is it exploitative of her female form?

The female form is controversially presented in the fashion industry; are women unfairly subjected and exploited by fashion? Conversely, some argue that fashion empowers the female form; and furthers that women no longer live in an outdated society whose appearance is restricted to what they can and cannot wear. With the diverse creativity, freedom and contemporary disposals of past limitations in fashion, many respect the credence that this industry is bringing liberation and empowerment towards building the modern woman of today. Nevertheless, there are still implications that women are subjected by this industry, especially through the predominating forms of fashion advertisement campaigns. However is it the fashion industry’s fault for the cause of exploitation within women; or subsequently, are women responsible for their own demise and cause of their sexualisation and objectification?