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Ikigai is about discovering your passion and what motivates you in life. Ultimately Becki's Ikigai has been creating her label BECCI and finding her love for fashion designing. This is BECCI's first collection, and it continues to grow, with pieces being added over time. Tulle and print are key to these designs and have been combined together to create vibrant colours and bold silhouettes. The prints created by BECCI have been initially hand painted using alcohol inks, combined with digital illustrations, mixed with primary photographs, and Japanese text- all digitally edited together. Japanese words such as:
“生き甲斐”, “Ikigai”, have been subtly incorporated, these words have no one word English equivalent, and instead have deeper meaningful messages and phrases behind them. BECCI wanted to create something unique and meaningful with these prints in the collection.

SHEIN x BECCI Autumn Winter

After completing the SHEIN x 100k Challenge, BECCI's looks were manufactured and produced collaboratively with SHEIN. These outfits are available to shop exclusively online at SHEIN.

SHEIN x BECCI Autumn Winter 100k Challenge

As part of the theme, 'be bold, be you', BECCI was in the top 30 finalists for the SHEIN x 100k Challenge. Colour clashing takes contrast to a brand new level - with neon pinks and greens against oversized, yet figure-flattering silhouettes, plus the signature hand-painted prints that make BECCI a crowd favourite. Go ahead, this season's about embracing your confidence and standing out for all the right reasons.


SHEIN x BECCI Curve originates from the Summer Collection and first ever collaboration between BECCI and SHEIN. BECCI is a size inclusive brand and has created this collection to encourage a range of sizes to be able to wear the designs.

SHEIN x BECCI Summer Ready to Wear

SHEIN x BECCI Summer Ready to Wear is the first collaboration between BECCI and SHEIN. Following on from the original Ikigai collection, these garments have been transformed into pieces that are more wearable. Print is key to this collection, along with feminine inspired silhouettes and oversized blazers.

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