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Graduate Fashion Week 2018

A 4 am start is definitely something I am not used to; I'm sure that it isn't for many people, but it was worth it for Graduate Fashion Week 2018. Our NUA coach left early for London, with myself and my friends deciding to stay awake for the whole duration of the journey, (maybe was not the best idea); but the excitement of heading to this amazing event and getting to be part of it kept us wide awake!

As we arrived for Shoreditch London for 8:30 am, I was already mesmerised for having the chance to arrive backstage and see what it is really like behind the scenes for a catwalk show. Backstage was well laid out with rails full of beautiful clothing by the talented NUA graduates; all strategically placed ready for the dressers and models. As we got to have a quick venture around some of the stands near the backstage area, I was happy to spot a couple of flower walls on some of the stands= perfect for insta pics!

Boux Avenue Stand

I was then assigned to help with one of the models for the show, Julie, who's unique bright blue hair gave her a really edgy look, guaranteed to stand out with the garments selected for her. We did a fitting for the show, ensuring all the outfits worked, as well as the sizing; therefore allowing the models to have a quick rehearsal with these striking pieces.

Myself with model Julie from GFW

Right: Myself with model Julie.

At 11am the NUA show began, and the rush of getting models changed as fast as possible began. Everyone seemed to agree that it all ended quickly after having such a build up for the show. Backstage was filled with a lot of emotion for the graduates who had been working so hard constantly on their designs.

It was interesting getting to meet some of the models for GFW, and to see how the NUA

collections transpired from hanging on a rail to becoming garments that moved beautifully and created beautiful silhouettes on the models.

Photo above and below: Models wearing Esme Evan's collection for GFW18.

After the show myself and my fashion friends got to look round the venue, also venturing out to one of the nearby markets, where we ate at Leon's; a "healthy MacDonald's" my friends informed me. We checked out a few of the other stands at GFW afterwards, as well as taking lots of photos, then we headed back to get the coach.

My thoughts on GFW? I would definitely love to go again next year, but this time to witness the catwalk shows and get some inspiration for when I have to make my own final collection.

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