Gwen Rose Harris- the name making a statement in fashion!

Ever dreamt of being a fashion designer or fashion illustrator? At BECCI Fashion we talk to design student Gwen Rose Harris about her exciting career; and how she can inspire you!

Gwen is a 22 year old fashion designer and illustrator living in Manchester, however she isn't your typical design student! Not only has she started her own online business, but her musical guitar skills has led her to have one of her songs featured on the Netfilx show, Girl Boss!

After deciding to take a year out at university before completing her last year of Fashion Design at NTU, Gwen has told us about why it was one of the best decisions she has ever made!

"So I’m currently taking a year out before I return to do my final collection this September. It was the best decision I’ve ever made; it’s been truly eye opening and has made me realise that behind every product you see is a real person who’s worked to create it. I’ve had some really fun opportunities including collaborating on a phone case for Google, creating styling prototypes for Dr Martens, seeing the work I did for a designer shown at London Fashion Week, and getting my own work published in two magazines. I completed my first commission and set up my Etsy shop, and also watched my hobby of playing guitar grow into a reality when one of my songs was featured on Sophia Amoruso’s Netflix show “Girlboss”. It’s been a really exciting year! But I’m super excited to head back to uni and start my final collection because I’m buzzing with ideas." Gwen.

Gwen's song can be heard at:

Gwen tells us about her illustrations and her inspiration behind them, noting how she has always loved very graphic and colourful prints! She loves how there is a crossover between illustration and fashion design, and how the experimentation of colour can led to such an important role.

"I’m currently obsessed with Erin Robertson - she has an amazing sense of colour and texture and constantly comes up with new ways to create innovative textiles." Gwen.

So not only is Gwen a design student, who has faced a lot of university tasks, projects and of course deadlines, (any fashion student can tell you that); but she has taken on opening up her own Etsy store! We ask her at what point did she decide to open up her own online store:

" It was only really recently, as in the past couple of months, that I really thought there was a market for this kind of thing. Friends and family would see my work and push me to try to sell it, and I’m really glad I went for it. It’s a great little hobby if nothing else and I’ve recently started taking commissions too, which opens up doors for anyone who might want a personalised print. I saw other people doing something similar and thought... I can do that, too." Gwen.

So what's next for Gwen? She tells us that she is hoping for a few more placements before she heads back to uni in September, then after she finishes her third year she would love to start selling clothing! So watch this space, after the quality of her illustrations, we should definitely be excited with what this girl can create in clothing!

Lastly, we finish on what advice Gwen would give to aspiring designers:

"I think my advice to aspiring designers would be get some real work experience. It’s so eye opening and can definitely help you in which area you might like to work in, as you quickly realise that not every job in fashion will be one you want to do. You also gain valuable contacts and there’s a chance of future employment. But I’m still learning the ropes now. If in doubt I like to remind myself “if you don’t do it, someone else will”. So go for it!" Gwen.

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